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Developing a strong relationship with each traveler is very important to us from day one. We recognize the high level of attention required by our corporate travelers, and because of this, we provide a great variety of accommodations specific to each travelers' needs to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Lagniappe's approach to technology is to acquire the best tools in the industry for our employees and business travel partners.  Utilization of advanced technology allows us to perform our jobs accurately and efficiently, thereby exceeding the performance levels of our competitors.

Lagniappe Travel Services provides global program consolidation for international companies who need to effectively manage their worldwide travel spend. Our top priority is providing a global consolidated travel management program that increases operating efficiencies at a local level through highly personalized service.

Corporate Travel Management

Your designated account manager will assist you in developing a customized business plan for your travel program. This travel plan will detail goals and responsibilities of each stakeholder and will describe specific processes, key performance indicators, and timelines to ensure that your travel program goals are achieved in the time frame allotted for their completion.

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