Lagniappe Travel Services offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to provide measurable cost savings to the bottom line, predictable product delivery and international program management for travel managers, and consistent service and deliverables to company travelers. We focus on individually crafted programs allowing our partner companies to customize their business travel programs based on the unique goals, financial needs, and culture of their organization.


Lagniappe Travel Services is a global travel management company with representation on five continents.


Our advanced technology platforms, our highly trained client-designated staff, and our ability to provide measurable value to our partner companies have been the foundation of our success.


Cost saving is only one component of Lagniappe Travel's complete business travel program.  Our strong commitment to service allows your travelers to concentrate on their core business tasks and not become sidetracked following up on travel-related issues.  Our reliable, proactive, and caring staff provides the consistent, dependable service your travelers need to keep on task.


                   * Integrity - Nothing is more important


                   * Value - We spend your money as if it were our own


                   * Trust - No relationship can succeed without trust


                   * Customer Service - You are the reason for the success of our  

                                                           business. All our efforts revolve around            

                                                           meeting your needs and exceeding your



                     * Advocacy - We constantly look out for your interests when  

                                               reviewing your program or working with vendors on  

                                               your behalf.          

Core Values

Who We Are

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