There are many organizations who can handle the tactical aspects of travel management - making reservations, producing reports, etc. What sets Lagniappe Travel Services apart is we act as your business travel partners and experts; true business consultants to your company.


In this consultancy role, we not only articulate and demonstrate the value we deliver, but also work with you to continuously enhance your travel program. The results will demonstrate a clear ROI with Lagniappe Travel Services.


Lagniappe Travel firmly believes that our size is the essential component of our agency’s strength.  Modern technology permits Lagniappe Travel Services to offer the equivalent level of service that other “high profile” competitors can, and our agency size allows us the ability to personally relate to each of our clients and provide them with individualized customer service including:


- Application of procurement and sourcing disciplines to business travel


- Application of key performance indicators to insure program goals

are executed in accordance with each established business plan


- Customized annual business travel plan / roadmap

- Limited management layers for quick response to inquiries


- Travelers work exclusively with designated agent teams


- Advanced Mobile Technology Applications


- Proactive opportunity Consulting


Why Lagniappe Travel Services ?